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What is Integration?

It enables sharing of data between applications and services securely, irrespective of the data format and protocol that these system and services use between them. Concisely, it provides:

  1. Connectivity
  2. Routing
  3. Transformation

To that extent, messaging applications play a key role in integration at the enterpise level.


Two main products in IBMs catalog focus on messaging, MQ and Events Streams.


MQ uses a P2P architecture to enable services to communicate without calling each other directly. Supports once and only once message delivery.

MQ Basics MQ Basics

Event Streams

Event Streams is a distributed streaming platform that uses the pub/sub architercture. Enables applications to respond to data or events in real.

Kafka Event Streams
Open Source Project Production-Grade Offering based on Kafka
Build and deploy on your own Managed SaaS offering
Community support Enterprise support

IBM App Connect

IBM’s App Connect, much like the popular Zapier service is essentially an integration engine. Allowing you to integrate different applications and services securely and reliably.

App Connects many integrations App Connects 75+ integration points

App Connect has a very intuitive interface for connecting new accounts of a specific service, and for configuring flows between services.

Sample App Connect Flow Sample App Connect Flow