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Once the new reality of COVID-19 had set in, it was time to embrace digital advocacy events. And boy did we at IBM ever do so. I am on the home stretch of wrapping up 7 advocacy events in 7 weeks. I’m thrilled to have done it but I’m not going to say I’m a bit tired!

Kubernetes Red Hat OpenShift World Tour

This event was supposed to be in Toronto, but ended up being virtual. I worked with our local marketing team to get lots of Toronto based folks to join. Dewan Ahmed co-hosted the session with me.

Call for Code Canada Lab Kick-off

In addition to usual Call for Code challenge there is an internal one for IBMers to show off their own tech-for-good skills. I’ve helped kicked things off for the Canada Labs three years in a row. Always a good show! Fun fact, a team from Canada won the inaugural contest!

  • When: April 30th
  • Platform: WebEx
  • Replay: N/A
  • Crowd size: ~50


I had the pleasure of hosting two labs at THINK this year, the first about OpenShift, it was a “Quick Lab”, and the second about the new Cloud Pak for Integration product, it was a longer two-hour lab.

OpenShift Basics

Give it a shot by Trying it yourself!

Cloud Pak for Integration Lab

Give it a shot by Trying it yourself!

IBM User Group Day (Open Source Track)

Over 8000 people registered for this two-day conference that featured prominent IBMers such as Rob Thomas and Tom Rosamilia. There were 12 Tracks ranging from Db2, to Open Source, to Power, to IBM Z and more. JJ Asghar and I ran a session entitled: Beginner Friendly Kubernetes and OpenShift Hands-on Workshop.

Give it a shot by Trying it yourself!

Here’s a snapshot of the other presenters from that the Open Source Track:


Lunch and Learn with Financial Client

I was invited to a lunch and learn where the topic would be “DevOps Trends for 2020”. Can’t provide much detail here, but we’re expecting around 50 people and a pretty informal chat. The IBM Cloud DevOps team has a nice write up about this topic, which served as my inspiration for the slides I am using.

  • When: May 26th
  • Platform: WebEx
  • Crowd size: ~100


iTech is Canada’s Leading IT Conference & Exhibition. JJ Asghar and I are set to once again present our Kubernetes and OpenShift workshop to another 200 people.

Give it a shot by Trying it yourself!

And check this out… the official IBM LinkedIn account, with all of it’s 8M followers had my mug on a post promoting the talk. Pretty neat!