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Originally published on: https://dev.to/ibmdeveloper/byte-sized-tech-tips-round-up-week-7-the-vim-edition-2acd

Tip 1: Exiting Vim

We’ve all seen a joke about being unable to quit Vim, i.e.:

The good news is that there’s an easy way! (No, really!)

  1. Slam the ESC key a bunch of times.
  2. Press Shift + Z twice (Double Z)
  3. You’ve exited Vim!

Tip 2: NERDTree

If you really want to impress folks with your Vim skills install the NERDTree plug-in.

NERDTree Photo credit to the folks at NERDTree

NERDTree will add a file system explorer for the Vim editor, allowing you to switch between editing multiple files without ever having to leave Vim.