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I was recently given the opportunity to create a course about IBM Cloud and I’m excited to say that “IBM Cloud Essentials” is now LIVE.

Shout out to Horea Porutiu for being my wingman throughout the journey. He’s a smart young man with a bright future ahead of him!

Where can I find the course?

The course is available on three sites:

Like all other courses on CognitiveClass.ai this one is FREE.

About the course

The course is a composed of 4 sections:

  • An overview of the IBM Cloud platform (6 videos, 2 labs, 2 readings, 1 quiz)
  • Infrastructure (IaaS) services (6 videos, 2 labs, 2 readings, 1 quiz)
  • Deployment platforms, like Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry (4 videos, 2 labs, 2 readings, 1 quiz)
  • Popular IBM Cloud services (8 videos, 2 labs, 2 readings, 1 quiz)

Below is a video from Section 2.1, the Virtual Server lesson of the Infrastructure section.


Going through the course on CognitiveClass.ai will net you a IBM Cloud Essentials Badge. The course is also extremely helpful in preparing folks for the “IBM Cloud Foundations V2” certification. You can check out my certification below.

Stats and Analysis

After a short beta program and some social media promotion (see below), I’m happy to say that our course is doing very well, we’ve had over 4000 enrollments in the course in just 2 months and we’re looking at around a 30% completion rate. We actually have the highest NPS score of all the existing cloud related courses on CognitiveClass.ai (Our NPS score is in the low 50s)!


Since the course was published I’ve received some lovely emails and messages:

Hi Steve, I recently completed and passed your IBM Cloud Essentials - v3 course (CC0103EN). I got a lot out of it, thank you!

Hi Steve, thoroughly enjoyed taking the cloud essentials badge.

Steve, Horea, what a pleasure it was to take your class! Thank you guys! Nice job!

What did I learn?

First off, making a course like this is incredibly time consuming and not at all easy. It’s a grind to the finish line and you have to get a little bit done each day. If you take a course like this go ahead and let the course instructor know that you appreciated it.

Secondly, I can, without hesitation, say that Horea and I tried our hardest to make this the best course to learn about IBM Cloud as possible. We didn’t skimp on the finishing touches. We would often challenge each other to make modifications that we knew would be extra work for us, but provide a better experience or the learner.

One last thing. Filming in a toy-filled living room during a global pandemic was really not something I expected to be doing this year.

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