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Password authentication with GitHub is dead. I’ve had my account configured with 2FA for years now. Proudly using Google Authenticator and a SMS fallback number. But finding and unlocking my phone is such a first-world problem. Today, someone told me that you can configure your Mac’s Touch ID to as a FIDO U2F Security Key. I had no idea! I immediately had to try it out. It was so easy to set up and use.

Add a new Security key to your GitHub account.

  1. Navigate to your profile’s 2FA settings (or click this link: https://github.com/settings/two_factor_authentication/configure)

  2. Find the “Security keys” option, choose “Register new security key”.


  3. Choose “This device” to select your Mac


  4. Touch the fingerprint sensor


  5. Note that the key is now registered


  6. Try the key out in incognito mode and you’ll be able to just use your Touch ID!


Add a new security key to your IBMid

If you’re an IBMer, you can also configure your IBMid to use your Mac’s Touch ID. Check out the guide in this link: https://w3.ibm.com/help/#/article/w3id_sso_setup_guides/touchid?requestedTopicId=touchid.

The gist is you’ll be presented with a screen like the one below and you can configure a FIDO device. The process is mostly the same as the one above.


That’s all it takes! Just a few minutes and you’ll be much more secure. What are you waiting for!?