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For a much better blog read this article by Bill Higgins: https://medium.com/@BillHiggins/the-intrinsic-motivation-exercise-984aec497247

Being in the tech sector plenty of opportunities (both internal and external) come my way. This is the one piece of advice I was given that really stuck with me.

Will you be learning skills that will prepare you for your next role?

To me, this is the most important factor when looking at any role, internal or external. Ensuring I have am employable in the future is of paramount importance. I want to make sure the skills that I’m learning at the possible new role are not going to make it harder for me to find a job in 2-5 years.

1. Other questions to ask about the role

  • What are my success markers, my OKRs?
  • Will I enjoy the role?
  • What’s my day-to-day look like?

2. The team, org, company dynamics and cohesion

These are admittedly hard to figure out based on a few phone calls but it’s worth asking around and talking to folks in the team and org.

  • At the team level, is a sensible work-life balance encouraged?
  • At the organization level, what role does the team play in the larger organization?
  • At the company level, where is the company headed in the next 5 years?

3. Salary and benefits

The benefits (medical or pension) at a particular job are what they are. These can’t be changed, if they are important to you then look into them, but otherwise I feel like they don’t differ too much between companies.

Salary, signing bonus, RSUs, vacation time – these are all negotiable and smarter people than myself have written on this subject.