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This question keeps popping up so I decided to write a super short blog about it.

You can share a box link publicly in just a few clicks. This is handy for a variety of reasons: sharing a slide deck with a client; allowing partners to preview a video; or hosting a dataset.

To share the link do the following:

  1. Click on Share
  2. Toggle the Share Link button
  3. Change the audience from Invite people only
  4. To People with the link
  5. Go to Link Settings for more options

Share the link

Each Box organization will have a default date on which the link will expire. This can be as short as two weeks. If you want the link to be valid for a longer time then …

  1. Under Link Expiration click the Disable Shared Link on checkbox and
  2. Choose an apprpriate date. Please use good common sense here.

Make it expire