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This is a quick write up detailing how to create a “profile” for a GitHub organization. This is already documented in the GitHub Docs and in dev.to tutorial but figured I would include my own take on this task.

Create a special repo

Create a repo called .github. Apparently it’s a secret, though, I’m not sure how much of a secret it is now.


Create a README

It must be placed in .github/profile/README.md. You’ll get a notice saying that it’ll appear on the organizations profile.

NOTE: You can also add other special files in this repo, like a global CONTRIBUTING.md or CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md. Check out GitHub Docs for more information.


Write your profile

Not much to say here. Just type what you want to show on the page. As far as I know only Markdown supported. For a great example check out The GitHub Org README.


View the profile

Navigate back to the organization page and see how it looks. Here’s my first crack at drafting one for the IBM org on GitHub.


Thanks for reading!