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I’m a technologist. I think that’s obvious if you know me or have read anything on my site. Whenever folks outside of the tech sphere ask what I do, I usually just say “Software Developer” so the conversation can stop being about work and onto more interesting topics. But this isn’t exactly true, I’ve been a Developer Advocate for a while, and a Manager before that. But how can I explain this in a few sentences?

As usual, the answer can be found by looking at the greatest sport ever invented: baseball (okay, I’m a bit biased):

A utility player is a player who typically does not have the offensive abilities to justify a regular starting role on the team but is capable of playing more than one defensive position.

I think I’ve become the tech equivalent of a utility player.

That’s not to say utility players can’t be great. Both Jose Bautista and Ben Zobrist are household names in finished in the top 10 of MVP voting while starting at least 40 games at two different defensive positions.

Am I the Jose Bautista of tech? Oh gosh no. But hopefully one day, I can be.

I’ve worn so many different hats during my tenure at IBM. Chronologically, they would be:

  • QA tester
  • QA automation developer
  • Software developer
  • Open source software developer
  • Team lead
  • People manager
  • CTO to VP
  • Technical lead, and
  • Content creator (courses, blogs, videos, articles)

What does this say about me? I think it reflects the reality of working in an enterprise company for 10+ years. I imagine a lot of other folks I know would say the same.