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Originally posted on https://developer.ibm.com/code/2018/03/19/learn-power-salesforce-app-watson/

Salesforce DX is an integrated end-to-end platform designed for high-performance agile development. Developers worldwide use the Salesforce DX platform to create apps for their organization. IBM has created an SDK, written in the Apex language, to allow those developers to take advantage of IBM Watson®.

Take a journey with our latest developer code pattern titled “Integrate Watson AI into Salesforce apps” and learn how to incorporate the Watson Salesforce SDK into your Apex application. In the code pattern, we show how you can deploy the SDK to your Salesforce account and how to run a few Watson examples. Specifically, we show how to call out to Watson Discovery News, how to send an image to Watson Visual Recognition, and how to use Watson Tone Analyzer to analyze a phrase.

If you’re interested in exploring further or would like some resources to reference in the future, see the references below:

Check out the pattern and let us know how it goes.