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I meant to write this up in mid-December but as it turns out time flies when the Christmas holidays are right around the corner.

I’m excited to announce that a few weeks ago I started at Shopify as a Developer Advocate! I’ll be working alongside great folks such as Liz Kenyon and Josh Zheng. And, hopefully getting the chance to work with my old pal Swati Swoboda. If you’re interested in learning more about Shopify’s Developer Ecosystem Dion Almaer wrote a wonderful blog post when he joined Shopify, or you can check out https://shopify.dev/ for more info.

During the first week of on-boarding (the process of which has been incredible) we were asked why we wanted to join Shopify. Here were my two reasons:

  • Engineering Excellence: Shopifolk (what employees of Shopify are called) have an amazing reputation in the industry. They are known for their deep technical skills that allow teams to consistently accomplish engineering feats such as the recent Black Friday / Cyber Monday where the Shopify platform handled more than $3.1 million per minute in sales at its peak. There are two by-products of working with such talented people: 1. Everyone else gets that much better, and 2. Engineering excellence creates amazing products.

  • Amazing products lead to happy customers: Just take a look at the numbers: > 1 million merchants, thousands of partners, and thousands of apps in the Shopify App Store. Even take the Shopify sub-reddit where there are countless posts daily about people using the platform.

Shopify is growing, quickly. If you’re interested in learning more about the company or want to help make amazing developer tools give me a shout. I couldn’t be more excited to start Making commerce better for everyone.