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Originally posted on https://developer.ibm.com/code/2017/12/07/introducing-the-all-new-ibm-code-how-to-guides/

Update: The IBM Code: How-Tos have been renamed to IBM Developer: Tutorials

We have a new content format available to help developers in their work: IBM Code How-To Guides.

These handy guides will complement a developer’s experience on the IBM Code platform. Developers now have access to short, granular instruction for common tasks. These step-by-step tutorials written by IBM developer advocates are designed for all levels of developers, from beginner to veteran. They cover basic tasks that you’ll need to complete when you work with our code patterns, plus common processes for open source, cognitive applications, data analysis, cloud native deployments – you name it, we’ll have it!

We’re going to be building out our collection of how-to guides quickly. Bookmark the IBM Code How-To Guide library and check back often.

Following are some examples of the kind of content you can expect:

At IBM Code, our only goal is to help developers succeed. These new how-to guides are designed to do just that; they’ll show you how to complete common technical tasks that you can use repeatedly and build on to tackle more complex solutions. It’s another way we’re helping you meet real programming challenges.