I’m a software developer living in Toronto, Canada. I’ve been lucky enough to travel for work, speak at conferences, and even write a book.


I’m a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) and Engineering Manager at IBM, where I’m focused on delivering developer advocacy content related to artificial intelligence and data science. Prior to my current role I worked on upstream OpenStack features (see below); internal tools for generating compatability reports across all IBM products; and developing WebSphere Application Server’s configuration tools. Aside from whipping up features and fixing bugs I tend to find myself in leadership roles whereby my knack for organization can be used for good, rather than annoy my family.

Open Source

I help maintain the IBM Github Organization for my employer, an organization spanning hundreds of repos and thousands of users.

From 2013 to 2017 my focus was to contribute to the OpenStack project. In 2015, I served as the Project Team Lead (PTL) on OpenStack’s Identity, Authentication and Authorization service, code named Keystone, an elected position that was maintained for 18 months (three terms). I mostly focused on enabling Keystone to better integrate into enterprise environments. Namely, I was also responsible for helping to add Federated Identity support and OAuth support to Keystone.

In 2016 I served a 12 month term on OpenStack’s Technical Committee, which provides technical leadership for OpenStack as a whole, an ultimate appeals board for technical decisions and general oversight. I was also a frequent contributor to the OpenStackClient project, a command-line client for OpenStack that brings OpenStack APIs together into a single CLI. I am still an active maintainer of this project to date.

Speaker Profile

  • Vivatech - May 2018 - IBM Challenge: TechCrunch Hackathon
  • Index Developer Conference - February 2018 - Create a retail chatbot that uses Watson Conversation and Discovery
  • Index Developer Conference - February 2018 - Powering Your Mobile App with Watson Visual Recognition
  • OpenStack Summit Boston - May 2017 - Being a Project Team Lead (PTL) - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • IBM Center for Advanced Studies - November 2016 - Openstack Identity, Community Needs, and Integration Points
  • OpenStack Summit Barcelona - October 2016 - PTLs and Cores: We are Not as Scary as You Think
  • OpenStack Summit Barcelona - October 2016 - Your CLI User Experience Matter, OpenStackClient 101
  • OpenStack Summit Austin - May 2016 - Experiences and Priorities for Private Cloud Keystone and Public
  • OpenStack Summit Tokyo - October 2015 - Federated Identity Support for OpenStack Clouds
  • IBM Center for Advanced Studies - August 2015 - OpenStack Security and Research Challenges
  • Cloud Identity Summit - June 2015 - Building IAM for OpenStack
  • OpenStack Summit Vancouver - May 2015 - Enabling real-world interoperable hybrid cloud
  • OpenStack Summit Vancouver - May 2015 - Keystone advanced authentication methods
  • OpenStack Summit Vancouver - May 2015 - New Advances in Federated Identity
  • OpenStack Summit Paris - November 2014 - Keystone to Keystone Federation
  • OpenStack Summit Atlanta - May 2014 - Federated Identity Support for OpenStack Clouds
  • IBM Cloud Dojo - Austin - Advanced Authentication with Keystone
  • IBM Cloud Dojo - Toronto - Python and Keystone 101
  • IBM Cloud Dojo - Austin - Get Developing with OpenStack

@ Home

  • I live in Toronto with my wife and three kids.
  • On Wednesdays in the summer you’ll likely find me on a baseball field.
  • My Tsundoku is a mix of non-fiction, trivia, career, and fantasy books.


B.ASc. in Computer Engineering from York University in Toronto, Ontario